hi. i'm kali.

I'm a hands-on creative. I've been solving problems in interactive and traditional media for some very famous and some to-be-famous brands. I love working with companies that have beliefs and purpose beyond just selling products.

Let's work together!

I'm always happy to chat about interesting ideas, new collaborations or share Netflix binge-watching confessions.


Bring me in for:

Pitchwork or projects
Ideas or concept development

Art direction
Creative strategy
Experience Design

selected work

The full story

Our partnership began at North Kingdom, where we worked together on brands like: Google, LEGO, Lucas Films, Disney, Facebook, Universal, Netflix and GE. This is where our love for ideas, unconventional collaborations and asking the question why led us to join forces.

We believe in fighting the good fight for quality. Sometimes this means a healthy tug-of-war with clients, the rest of our team, or even each other. But in the end, we think people can tell the difference.